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Our Mission

Beach Head Lacrosse is committed to providing lacrosse opportunities for local youth athletes.  Formed way back in 2007, when lacrosse was just starting to take hold in Souther California, Beach Head established itself as the best place for kids in Palos Verdes and surrounding towns to learn lacrosse, improve their skills, and compete in local events.  With an emphasis on foundational skills, instruction and, of course, having fun!!!, Beach Head is a great place for new players as well as returning players to enhance their skills and develop in a supportive, positive environment.

Lacrosse is the fastest growing high school sport in the country and we are dedicated to putting LA Lacrosse on the map. Our philosophy is simple, start with a strong foundation and build upon it. As players progress they will see marked improvement in their stick skills, field vision and foot work. That coupled with a strong staff to player ratio ensures that each player will receive the attention he needs.

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